Blue Dot Vapors

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This collection includes a sample bottle of every single one of our newest flavors in every nicotine concentration and pg vg variation. This will be 65 total flavors, each in 0mg Nicotine, 1.5mg 3mg, 6mg, 12mg  and in every PG VG ratio (70%VG/30%PG, 50%PG/50%VG, and MAX VG). This will be a total of 3900 bottles (10ml, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml), each representing a unique product. One lucky customer will get to try every single one!

Here are the flavors:

Bavarian Baklava-Our simulation of the time cherished dessert. Baklava is a flaky baked dessert made with layers of chopped nuts, sweetened with honey and cream. We've added a light simple syrup with rum.

Bees Garden – A very pleasing blend of fresh honeysuckle and kiwi.

Blue Dot Libre - Lime Cola and Rum, a very refreshing vape.

Boston Cream Cake –A chocolate coated CAKE with custard filled layers.

Budin  - A multi- cultural dessert favorite made from bread, thick cream, sugar, spices and a light rum glaze .

Cherade – Ripe bing cherries, squished into juicy perfection mingle with our sweet and tart lemonade to make a unique vape experience.

Cherry Classic – As promised, and rich cherry and cream. Delish!

Crandad-Your favorite refreshing drinks all mixed together, cranberries and sweet lemonade married together for a sweet but tart vape. 

Dango – A lovely blend of fruits with peach and mango at the forefront. Simply Satisfying

Dots Cola - A satisfying and enjoyable cherry vanilla cola   

Dream- A little twist on the orange creamsicle; rich thick cream with a splash of tangerine

Facepunch! - Fruit punch face punch!

Fruitfection -A baked Danish with mixed fruits.

Fruitrus – The least appreciated citrus in our opinion, grapefruit with mixed fruit. Perfection to the grapefruit lover.

Gram's Grahams -A lovely bakery flavor a vanilla bakery vape for all the purists.

Herbs Sherbs –A mixed rainbow sherbet, fruity and awesome!

Icebreaker – Straight up menthol. Cooling and satisfying

Invention – This is a unique and light tobacco flavor with hints of walnut, oakwood, butterscotch and a light creaminess. 

Jack's Apple Cereal -A favorite Cereal. - Apple rice cereal with milk

Kai Libre - A Variation on the Blue Dot Libre with a little touch of tobacco.

King's Castle– a pleasant nutty, coconut concoction, touched with Kentucky bourbon and vanilla.

Kong- is a thick, rich and creamy banana milk.

Lighthouse – This is a mellow and enjoyable tea, essences of hibiscus, lavender and rose make this one a favorite for relaxing and looking out over nature.

Lusty lady – Ripe fresh strawberries dipped in milk chocolate mmmm.

MR Magic – The magic is in the papaya!

Mangnificence-- The owner's personal favorite lemonade, tropical mango combined with sweet lemonade, oh so good. 

Marzipanna – A creamy hazelnut, vanilla, almond panna cotta dessert. Light, creamy, satisfying!

Mom's 7 Layer Bar – This is a dessert from our childhood. Comprised of Graham Cracker Crust with butter, layers of chocolate and butterscotch chips, walnuts, marshmallows and coated in a generous layer of condensed milk. So good!

Momma's Apple Pie – Just like mamma made, apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Mrs. E -  A lemon cheesecake. A perfect counterpart to Mr. E 

Newpoe –A menthol tobacco. This one is rich virginia tobacco with a touch of menthol for that reminiscent feeling. 

NillaCream -For the vanilla lovers out there. A splendid Vanilla Cream

Parfait Party- A party of Strawberry, blueberry, banana,and vanilla yogurt

Peachy Keen – A Sweet and rich Peach cobbler. A perfect picnic confection.

Pearfect – A rich pear cider will mulling spices.

Phil's Icebox Cake – An adaptation of a favorite friend of ours. This is a wafer cake make with vanilla pudding, chocolate and bananas. 

Pistola – This is certainly a unique flavor combination. A meringue macaroon with pistachio. Sweet, complex, with hints of pistachio and vanilla.

Pleasante-Deep, rich, tart, pomegranate combines with sweet lemonade in a perfect combo.

Poohbear's Pears – A lovely pear vape sweetened with honey

Princess Cake - A lovely Strawberry vanilla cheesecake vape 

Purple Drank – Straight up Concord Grape in all it's glory

Rambo– A smooth and fruity raspberry lemonade, a true California special!

Raztastic – Blue Razz Popsicle, it's the goods!

Rosa – Rose, hibiscus, lavender, and fruit tea.

Schmores – Chocolate Marshmallow Cream . A happy, rich milky, marshmallow chocolate

Shmarlnold Smalmer –A time tested favorite, sweet tea blended with tangy lemonade

Slumber- A refreshing change from the same old flavor. Blackberry juice in cucumber water makes a refreshment you'll stick with!

Sour Candies -A little bit of tart citrus tempered with a sweet base. Sweet and Tart

Spiked Watermelon– Rich summer watermelon chunks with lemon and lime juice over the top

Splendor – Another unique tobacco from our flavor artists. Light, pleasant, complex. Almond hazelnut custard with light tobacco. 

Strawkiji Yogurt – Just like it sounds, our yogurt with chunks of strawberry and kiwi.

Susie's Cheesecake - Cheesecake with pecan Crust and butterscotch filling.

Sweet Cups –Rich creamy peanut butter pairs perfectly with smooth chocolate.

Teamptation-A simple earl gray tea with a light touch of sweetness. 

The American - A proud American Breakfast – Waffles topped with strawberry, banana and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. 

The Dean – A rich complex tobacco. Coffee, chocolate, caramel, maple and cream with a light note of tobacco make this one a standout 

The Favorite– Fluffy freshly baked pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup

The Homer - A freshly baked Maple Donut 

Unpeachable – A sweet rich peach dominant flavor with a solid backing of strawberry and a touch of crisp red apple 

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