5 re-released flavors for $5

Blue Dot Vapors

$ 5.00

For a limited time try five of our previously limited release flavors for $5. 

The following flavors are included:

Newpoe - A menthol tobacco. This flavor is a traditional cigarette tobacco with a strong menthol punch for that reminiscent feeling.   Strong Menthol

Icebreaker - Straight up Menthol. Minty refreshing goodness. Strong Menthol

Europa - Named after Europa, the smallest Galilean moon orbiting Jupiter. This moon has a water ice crust, and this flavor has an icy feel! Wild cantaloupe and Watermelon are paired with honey and an icy addition of menthol. Strong Menthol

Strawkiji Freeze - Strawberry and Kiwi that has been perfectly blended with a refreshing menthol breeze. An adaptation of our very popular flavor Strawkiji. Strong Menthol

Calisto - Named after Callisto, the second largest moon of Jupiter. Callisto is the standout of the 4 Galilean moons and has many characteristics that the others do not. Just like this menthol flavor! Callisto is a Creamy Vanilla Lemongrass blend with a cooling Menthol addition. A different kind of Eliquid that is sure to keep your taste buds searching for its secrets. Light Menthol


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