Coils - PilotVape 6 in 1 Coil Pack 24pcs

Coils - PilotVape 6 in 1 Coil Pack 24pcs

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The PilotVape 6 In 1 Coil Pack comes with 6 types of pre-made coils for easy coil building and meeting your different vaping needs. 24 pieces each pack. Just get it as a spare part for your RBA tank. Good tool for DIY lovers.

The set includes:

  • Coral Snake Coil:
    • 4pcs KAI Coil, 26+(32-38)+0.2*0.4, Single 0.64ohm, Dual 0.32ohm


  • Fused Clapton Coil:
    • 4pcs KAI-N80 Coil, 26*2(KAI)-36(N80), Single 0.38ohm, Dual 0.19ohm


  • Clapton Helix Coil:
    • 4pcs KAI-N80 Coil, {28(KAI)-38(N80)}*2-26(KAI)*2, Single 0.36ohm, Dual 0.18ohm


  • Tidal Coil:
    • 4pcs KA 1 Coil, 30*2(g)-(0.2*0.8), Single 0.52ohm, Dual 0.26ohm


  • Alpha Braid Coil:
    • 4pcs N80 Coil, 26-(40*2)*16, Single 0.32ohm, Dual 0.16ohm


  • Alien Coil:
    • 4pcs KA1+SS316L Coil, 26*3(KA1)-30(SS316L), Single 0.32ohm, Dual 0.16ohm

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