Blue Dot Organic Line - A collection of all flavors, nicotine strengths and PG/VG ratios.

Blue Dot Vapors

$ 100.00

This Is our full organic line. All of these Eliquids are made with organic Flavor extracts and organic Vegetable Glycerin as well as nicotine that is extracted from organic tobacco. One lucky customer will get a bottle of all 45 flavors in every Nicotine Strength. Omg, 1.5 mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 mg and 18mg, also 1 bottle of each size will be shipped, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml 100ml. This is a collection of 1080 bottles of eliquid each representing a unique and different product. This is a large product and must be picked up from our warehouse by appointment. 

Bam - Coconut and banana make a perfect match.

Berry Cherry – This is an assortment of mixed berries and several different cherries. Crisp and tasty.

Briar – A wonderful concoction of blackberries and mint. A blackberry lovers paradise.

Brojito- A berry mojito with raspberry, black cherry, cucumber and mint 

Californian – Wonderful California strawberries dipped in Costa Rican chocolate make for a happy Californian.

CalZealand – Two amazing fruits from two amazing places; strawberries and kiwis. Together they make an amazing combo.

Cali Special - The best of California's strawberries

Chocolate Dots - Dark Chocolate covered cherries

Chocolate yumyum - Orange, Hazelnut ,Dark chocolate

Daiquiri -A strawberry iced daiquiri with a dash of citrus

Dotella- Strawberry, dark chocolate, hazelnut, and raspberry.

Georgia – A summer peach, ripened to perfection.

Gravenstein – A mix of Apples. Sweet red apples with a little bit of tart green apples makes a balanced, enjoyable flavor. 

Guava- Rich, unique guava flavor stands alone.

KING - Banana Chocolate and Vanilla make the king 

Mangnificint –A pure, ripe organic mango

MangoTango- Pure ripe organic mango paired with a little tart lime juice.

Mangoberrycream- A new combo of blackberries, mangoes, ice cream and some secret ingredients. You are sure to love it! 

Milkshake – A coffee milkshake, rich and creamy. 

Mixed berry – The summer harvest of berries is plentiful, and we've mixed em' all together!

Mocha – A chocolate mocha. Made with organic chocolate and espresso extracts.

Mojito- A straight up mojito - lime rum and mint. 

Peary Pie - A spiced, baked pear dessert. 

Pit stop – Pit stop is an assortment of stone fruits (pitted fruits) including nectarine, apricot and peach.

Pomelav- a light combination of pomegranate with a hint of lavender.

Raspberry - A tasty standalone raspberry flavor.

Smoothie - lemon strawbery blueberry vanilla

Summer – A mouth watering watermelon vape.

Summertime -  A mouth watering watermelon flavor with a dash of lime.

Tabac -A smooth and full tobacco .

Tango – A tropical colada is sure to keep you cool.

Tea Time– A light and pleasant tea with touches of rose and hibiscus

Teapeachee - An organic peach tea. Light and pleasant

The Blueb - Blueberry good enough to stand by itself.

The Float – An old time sarsaparilla that is sure to satisfy.

The Fruit lover- A cooling and refreshing mix of fruits with a dash of menthol.

The Homemade – A home style marshmallow with rich black cherries mixed in.

The Maplery – A baked maple dessert

The NomNom -Rich thick chocolate paired with delicious raspberries

The Pie – Caramel and apples go together oh so well.

The odd couple- Fig and guava are largely forgotten fruits, but each are unique and lovely flavors and are even better when paired together.

The port – A rich and full tobacco with a little menthol for that cooling effect

Tigers blood - Strawberry watermelon coconut

Winter Walker – a strong cooling menthol vape, made with organic mint .

You don't need him - red wine dark chocolate mixed nuts  raspberry 

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