What is Menthol E Liquid?

What is menthol e liquid? Menthol e-liquid is vape juice with a bold, minty taste. At Blue Dot Vapors, we understand that some people like their vaping plain, but others prefer the energizing power of refreshing, cool menthol. For fans of the bold, arctic taste of mint, our menthol eliquids radiate the chill and bone-clattering taste of menthol. As with everything else we do, we offer only the highest-quality eliquid and hardware at the lowest possible prices.

What does menthol in vape juice do? Fans love the smooth, cool taste. The soothing, minty taste of menthol mellows out harsher flavors. In high concentrations, it is even called icy or frosty. The flavor mixes with others and produces a calm, serene vibe, like a crisp, sunny day in late fall.

What are our best menthol eliquids?

We like to think they are all great! But our best-selling, top-rated eliquids are guaranteed to be mouthwatering. Berry Breeze is a delectable mix of forest berries with a cooling breeze. Gentlemen Juice is refreshing, delicious and different than most watermelon menthols—it is bursting with candied watermelon, rich concord grape, and a touch of menthol. Mountain Top started as a simple strawberry and watermelon vape, but we couldn’t help but add apple and a dash of menthol. Strawkiji Freeze is our perfectly blended strawberry and kiwi cooled by a menthol breeze. And don’t forget Dark Matter, composed of peppermint, chocolate and cream flavors. Check out all of the scintillating menthol-infused eliquids we offer!

All of these are rated at 5.0 or 4.5 stars by our customers and available in 10ml, 30ml or 100ml. You can also your favorites coming by enrolling in an eliquid subscription from ReCharge. This subscription service allows you to choose when and how often you get your eliquid. Simply sign up and you will get alerts before each delivery to ensure that you never run out! We also know you might want to try a juice out before buying a full bottle. That’s why we will let you try a sample of the flavor of your choice for one penny, or a five-flavor sample pack for only $13.99. And don’t forget our buy-one-get-one-free deals on featured flavors!

At Blue Dot Vapors, we power the production of our facilities with 100% renewable energy and use only 100% universally recyclable materials for packaging and mailers. We care about you and we care about the planet. Why would you go anywhere else for the eliquids and hardware you need?

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