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If you vape, you know how essential it is to have a vape pen charger! We carry several models from two of the best vape pen charger brands available at great, affordable prices. Keep your vape pen powered up with our first-rate and high-value equipment! When you’re looking for the best e-cig hardware, e-liquid, and more, make Blue Dot Vapors your first stop. We’re an independent online vape store with a commitment to providing high-quality equipment and e-juice at affordable prices.

Efest Luc - The Best Battery Chargers

Caring for your vape kit requires finding the right vape pen charger for the job, but with so many choices online, how can you know which is the correct charger to choose? We offer a small, yet robust selection of effective and reliable E cig chargers that will charge your batteries quickly. Efest Luc brand chargers are considered one of the best chargers available. All the Efest Luc chargers we carry feature over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and reverse polarity detection. Plus, once the battery has been completely charged, the charger will automatically detect it and cease supplying power to the bay immediately.

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Vape Pen ChargersWe carry the V6 6-bay LCD universal charger, the Q2 2-bay charger, and the Slim K2. The V6 is a multi-functional vape pen USB charger that features an LCD display and intelligent charging software. It can simultaneously charge 6 batteries at once at a rate of 0.68A each, or a high-powered charging rate of 2A per slot with compatible 25500 and 26650 battery cells. The Q2 is a fast charging 2-bay battery charger that provides consistent, accurate charging while simultaneously being easy to operate and hassle-free. The Slim K2 is also a 2-bay charger that’s less bulky that features rapid and effortless recharging; each battery bay is housed with a clear and easy to reads LED battery level indicator.

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