Q: Age Verification; what is it? Why are you making me do it?

A: Recently (August 8th 2016) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began requiring ALL online retailers of tobacco products (including vape products) to obtain ID/legal smoking age from every customer, much the same as you would be carded at a gas station to purchase cigarettes. There are various ways of doing this. We chose to use agechecker.net. We chose this particular system in part because when it works correctly, it is the least invasive system available. Other systems ask for a picture ID automatically or even Social Security Numbers (SSN). The AgeChecker.net program takes your name, address, and date of birth, and compares what you enter in your customer profile to publicly available records. If the information matches properly, you are verified! Yay! Approximately 10-15% of customers may enter all of their information properly and the program will fail to make an automatic match. This happens, and is not your fault, it is simply part of what it means to use a non invasive system that is automated. The system will then ask for an ID and if you're logged into your account, your verification will be saved so you will not have to go through the process next order.


Q: What is the processing time on a typical order?

A: Typical order processing time is 1-3 business days. This processing time may be extended during times of high volume sales. These times include but are not limited to Holiday Sales and Giveaways.  Please note that mail does not go out on Saturday or Sunday. We are a small but growing company; please be patient if your order does not ship right away. Thank You!


Q: If I order priority shipping, will you process my order ahead of other orders?

A: No, Priority shipping is a service from USPS and the typical time a package spends IN TRANSIT is 2-3 business days. We process orders in the order received and currently do not offer an expedited order processing option.


Q: What PG/VG ratio are your liquids?

A: All of our eliquids are designed for optimal taste and use in tanks or RDAs at a ratio of 50/50 or 30/70 PG/VG. MAX VG will produce more vapor but does not carry flavor as well as 50/50 or 30/70.


Q: Do you recommend steeping your liquids?

A: Yes. All of our flavors require a 3-7 day steep time. Each bottle is made the day it is shipped and for the best experience, we recommend 2+ weeks of steeping. Many folks like their eliquid right out of the mail but we recommend waiting at least a week before making judgements on flavors. The best way to steep your eliquid is to just let it sit in a cool dark place for 1-2 weeks, while shaking each bottle periodically.

Flavors which we recommend steeping the most : Milk of the poppy, Dots Custard, It's Golden, Moo Fields, Creamy Latte, Mars, Silly Rabbit.

*Pre-Steeped Eliquids are available and are ready to use right out of the mail.


Q: I sent an email to info@bluedotvapors.com, when will it be answered?

A:  We answer emails M-F 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time as well as respond to other forms of social media at random intervals (facebook, reddit, instagram, pinterest, twitter). The best way to reach us is through email, we check email throughout the day M-F.


Q: Do you accept returns ?

A: No we do not accept returns. For safety and quality concerns, we will not restock or resell any product that has left our facility.


Q: Do any of your flavors have Diacetyl in them?

A: No. None of our flavors have added Diacetyl. Some of our flavors have Acetyl propionyl and/or Acetoin in them. Some studies suggest that Acetyl propionyl may degrade into Diacetyl when exposed to high amounts of heat, but the levels at which it degrades appear to be minimal. If you're worried about which flavors have Acetyl propionyl or Acetoin we have provided a list below.

These Flavors Have either Acetyl Propionyl and/or Acetoin: CTC Cereal ,Dots Custard, Dragon’s Bite (Acetoin), Dragon’s Tongue (Acetoin), It’s Golden, Mars (Acetoin), Milk of the Poppy, Mr. E, Silly Rabbit (Acetoin), Titan, Halle Berry, Southern Star, Samoan Clouds, Princess, Almond Cream, The Old Fashioned.

*Please note that these are in very small amounts, and these flavors are present in many eliquid products, we just choose to be transparent and public with regards to these flavors, as there has been recent concern over their use. Just because another company does not publicly state that they use these flavors, does not mean they do not use them!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship to select countries across the globe. We offer discounted International Priority Shipping on orders over $75 USD. We have recently stopped selling to a number of international destinations due to fraudulent orders and customs issues. We apologize if your country of residence is affected by these changes.


Q: Why can't I order from Indiana, Utah, Arkansas?

A: Laws within each of these states have banned the shipment of / online sale of Eliquid, and we are forced to comply. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!  

If you would like to see our products carried in a store near you, please send an email to sales@bluedotvapors.com with a store recommendation and we will contact them, thank you!


Q: Do you provide nondescript packaging for international packages?

A: Yes, our packages are shipped from BDV and in plain packages.


Q: I ordered from an international location and my package was refused at customs, or failed to show up for some reason. Do I get a refund ?

A: We are happy to ship just about anywhere, however it is your responsibility to know the laws of your country regarding E liquids and Vape products. If you order from a country that has a prohibition/ ban etc on these products, you assume the responsibility and risk of ordering from such a place, and Blue Dot Vapors will not be held responsible for the package failing to make it to you, and we do not offer refunds on packages of this nature.

In addition, we do not accept responsibility for packages going missing in a foreign country or en route to another country, or offer refunds for packages that fail to show up. Shipping to your country of residence may entail working with your local shipping companies, and unfortunately, we can take no responsibility if your package fails to make it to you for any reason. We will do our best to help you get your package to you but, we are a small company in California and have little to no control over what happens to our product once it is shipped out from our facility. We suggest the use of Priority Shipping as there is some possibility of recourse if a package goes missing, but there is no such possibility of recourse with a First Class Package.


Q: My package was stolen/ did not show up. Do I get a free one? 

A: Once a package has been shipped from our facility, it is in the hands of, and property of USPS. If a package has been marked as "Delivered" but you have not received it, please check with neighbors, co-workers, roommates, front desk, mail room etc. Often the package is accepted by someone you know or live near. If this is not the case, sometimes USPS will mark a package delivered but it will show up within a day or two. If your package is truly lost, it is your responsibility to communicate with USPS to file a claim. Unfortunately, once a package leaves our facility, we have no control over it.  We will of course file claims on your behalf if possible, and do our best to help your package get to you, but ultimately it is the responsibility of USPS to fulfill their end of the bargain.


Q: Does my discount code work on hardware?

A: No. We sell our hardware at a reasonable price with minimal markups and do not offer additional discounts on any hardware products.