Cereal Flavored E Juice

Vapers often ask, what is the best tasting e liquid? Though everyone has different tastes, our top-rated cereal e liquids are sure to be on your greatest hits list. CTC Cereal is cinnamon-sweet, creamy, and will remind you of your favorite toasty-crunch cereal. Silly Rabbit is a berry and citrus best-seller, bursting with five-star reviews. A sweet creamy honey graham-cracker cereal, It's Golden, will bring you right back to your childhood. In The Loop is a fruity-milky blend that will leave you wanting more! Halle Berry is another highly-rated favorite—a creamy delight bursting with crunch berries. We offer only the best tasting e liquids at the lowest possible prices, so you can try them all!

CTC Cereal

Cinnamon Sugar Cereal

$ 3.49

Halle Berry

Berry Cereal with Milk

$ 3.49

In the Loop

Sugary Cereal with Milk

$ 3.49

It's Golden

Honey-laced Cereal with Milk

$ 3.49

Silly Rabbit

Citrus Cereal with Milk

$ 3.49