Vaping and illnesses in the news - know the facts

"Cannabis Vaping" vs. Nicotine-based vaping

Vaping Black Market Cannabis Distillate is not the same thing as vaping nicotine based vapes from a reputable vape company!

We have received a number of emails from concerned customers asking about news articles regarding illnesses and deaths attributed to "vaping" . We want to take the time and opportunity to clear up some of the misconceptions and fake news that is being spread. As the data suggest, these illnesses have come from people who are consuming Black Market (illegal) Cannabis Vape Cartridges.

Black market Cannabis Distillate which is used to make these illegal vape products is expensive, and is beginning to be diluted and counterfeited. Because the products are expensive, suppliers of these illegal, unregulated products have sought ways to fake and "cut" these products with other cheaper chemicals. The main ingredient that seems to be getting people sick is an oil called "Vitamin E Acetate". This is in no way something that should be vaped. When inhaled, it condenses back into an oil in the lungs that inhibits the body's ability to absorb oxygen and can (and does) leave the user more susceptible to infections and illness.

Vitamin E Acetate is not in any Blue Dot Vapors Products!

The only ingredients in Blue Dot Vapors Products are:

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propelyne Glycol
  • Flavoring (USA and European Manufactured)
  • Nicotine. Period.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow eliquid manufacturers who have made quality products for years and hope to continue to do so.

Please stay informed by reading news articles carefully and noting the difference between respectable vape companies and Black Market Cannabis Vape products, they are not the same thing.

Trump administration Considering Ban on All Flavored Nicotine Vape Products!

Please help to spread the real news in this scenario before the FDA and executive branch of government Bans all flavored vape products country wide!

Vaping as we know it may be coming to an end even though many have made the switch from cigarettes, which kill over 1300 people per day in the USA alone. This recent media scare is not even related to our industry, yet it is being blamed on companies like ours that were created to help people switch from cigarettes. We employ US Citizens and provide workers comp, heath insurance, paid vacation and respectable living wages for all employees. Thousands of American employees will lose their jobs and thousands of companies will be forced to shutter their doors based on misinformation alone if this ban goes into effect.

Here's what you can do:

  • Educate yourself about the difference between Black Market Cannabis vaping and nicotine vaping
  • Answer the questions from your friends and family and share your story about vaping
  • Comment and post about misinformation being used to shutter the vape industry when you feel comfortable

Thank you very much from everyone at Blue Dot Vapors

Please feel free to email us with any additional questions