What is PG & VG? How Does it Affect my Vape and What Should I Choose?

Vaping can be confusing. There is so many terms and abbreviations that it can be a little overwhelming with all the options as to what you should choose. We hope to clear up a little confusion here at Blue Dot about the difference in PG and VG in this article.

PG is short for Propylene Glycol and VG is short for Vegetable Glycerin. Almost all eliquid is made by mixing these two in different percentages. You may see products that say "50/50 PG/VG" and that simply means that 50% of the liquid is Propylene Glycol and the other 50% is Vegetable Glycerin.

Why not just use one? PG is a thinner liquid that carries the flavor of your eliquid well in eliquid, but it doesn't produce much satisfying vapor and it can be a little dry/harsh on the throat. Some people perfer a mix with a higher PG percentage because they want to simulate the throat hit they used to get when they smoked cigarettes or because they want the flavor to be more intense. 

VG on the other hand is very viscous, thick and slightly sweet. Vegetable Glycerin is actually known as an "alcohol sugar" (even though it doesn't have any alcohol in it) and is use a a low/no calorie sweetener in a lot of foods. Aside from making the eliquid taste more sweet, it is very smooth on the throat and produces a large amount of vapor. The downside is that it is a poor solvent (doesn't carry flavor very well) and that it can be so thick, that coils don't wick well.

For a device that is low powered, with a small wick, it is often recommended to use a mixed that is closer to 50/50 or 70%VG 30% PG. This will help with the wicking and a low powered device won't produce large amounts of vapor that a Max VG would produce anyways. Whereas, you should use Max VG on a RDA type setup because you are manually wicking the coils yourself and these devices are often high powered, creating a lot of vapor. A 50/50 mix in this type of device would likely be hard on the throat as well.

As you can see, these two make a marriage in heaven with lots of options to choose from different mixes. Here at Blue Dot, we offer 50VG/50PG, 70VG/30PG and Max VG (80%VG +) to be used in all types of devices. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email use at info@bluedotvapors.com and we will be happy to explain things further.