BLUE DOT VAPORS FIRE UPDATE: Our facility has been spared by the flames! The  fire that threatened us was stopped just north of our main warehouse. Amazingly, none of our employees have lost their homes as of yet, though fires are still burning and new areas of the county are still being evacuated. We appreciate all the love and support and are back to work as of today. Order times should not be affected.

Thousands of structures have been burnt to the ground and thousands of residents have lost everything and are displaced. If you would like to make a small donation to help relocation and support efforts to California residents, please follow the link below.  Thanks again and vape #CaliforniaStrong

*We've Created a Go Fund Me page to help support those affected in this massive fire. Anything helps, thank you so much!

Welcome to the Blue Dot Vapors Homepage. New To Vaping? Don't know what to order? No worries, we have 5 and 10 bottle sample packs, so you can find a favorite without breaking the bank. Here at Blue Dot Vapors, each and every flavor is hand made and loved by it's creators. Each flavor is given a rigorous regiment of testing so that we never release a flavor we don't personally like. We are dedicated to producing  the best e-liquid at the best price. All of our Eliquid is produced with Certified USP ingredients in our class 7 clean production facility. We are proud to use American made flavor extracts and nicotine extract from Carolina Xtracts. 

Free USPS first class domestic shipping on orders $25 or above as well as discounted Priority shipping on orders $75 and above. 

*Discount Codes Do Not Apply To Hardware.

We would love to hear from you! Please send all questions and comments to info@bluedotvapors.com